Projecteo is closing down as soon as we've sold our existing stock.


Projecteo is a miniature slide projector that turns your Instagram images into your own personal slide show. Order your personalised wheels on our website and we deliver them straight to you!

We develop your Instagrams on to a single frame of 35mm Kodak film which is set into a custom wheel. Each wheel holds nine images and are easily switched in and out. Multiple wheels are stackable for easy storage.

A Projecteo unit is about the size of a matchbox (46 x 38 x 27 mm) and is $29.99, extra wheels are $9.99 each.

It’s best to use Projecteo in a dark space and project onto a light coloured surface between 4cm and 50cm.


The spark for Projecteo came from a Rollei P35 projector in a London market. Our curious inventor took it home, looked inside and realised the mechanics could be miniaturised. By using Instagram images Projecteo brings back the nostalgic warmth of old slide projectors to the photos we take now.